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When a couple is faced with a crisis, one of the two: either the crisis is expected to go away or there is talk about it. Men avoid these discussions at all costs. What do a lot of people do? Ask for time.

For all conflicts in a relationship, the best way to resolve them is still having a good conversation. Initially, it seems like a good idea. Among them, the fear of ending and the hope that a space will make them both remember the reasons for which they fell in love.

This attitude is cowardly and extremely cruel to the other party who accepts the deal because she is probably still hoping that dating will work.

Including the relationship you had. This is an excellent exercise for managing emotions in general.

Try the rhythm inhale by counting 5 seconds to fill your lungs, then hold for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds. Sit and visualize a violet-colored flame surrounding your body and incinerating the bonds with the past and the relationship that ended, as if you were breaking the strings of a puppet and feeling lighter, free and independent to live the present and build a new future. However, if opportunities do arise, allow yourself. Fill your agenda with social and professional commitments while time is busy healing the wound.

There are things that only time solves and others that solve themselves over time. I also want to know if you applied one or more of the items above and managed to feel a little stronger to deal with this phase!

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